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Absurdly Preposterous And Ever So Eccentric
Oddly Enough
Anyone going this summer?

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I want to let everyone know the following:

1. I unequivocally support our leader President Bush.
2. I unequivocally support our leaders plan for the stabilization of Iraq:
3. I believe that Lebanon's legitimate and democratically elected government and democratic institutions is vitally important to the United States. It is in the best interest of all Americans that Syrian control never return to Lebanon.
4. I believe the threat of infringement upon or undermining of the Lebanese sovereignty contribute to political and economic instability in that country and the region and constitute an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States, and I support the declaration of a national emergency to deal with that threat.

I highly recommend you read the following links. If you don't trust my sources, I highly recommend you research bush's recent executive orders. They are all on whitehouse.gov, and they are all incredibly frightening. Not frightening like Bush is going to war with Iran, but frightening like martial law is coming here. I'm really not exaggerating. Read these, google them, then wonder why the media hasn't spoken about it at all.

Martial Law:
Bush declares control of all three government branches in the event of any crisis
What the right wingers are saying
The facts - According to Whitehouse.gov

Iraq and the 5th amendment
Bush can take your stuff if you dont like his plan for iraq
The executive order - According to Whitehouse.gov

Lebanon and the 4th amendment
State of Emergency and suspending the 4th amendment because of Lebanon?
The facts - According to whitehouse.gov

These links aren't the best analysis that I could find, so hope you'll humor me and educate yourself about these executive orders.
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Would anyone like to fill this out for me?
I'd really appreciate it.



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I uploaded some of my photos, please take a look
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Wow! Metro and google just partnered up to make a new trip planner!
Check it out, its super easy!
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I am... Wanna meet up?
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Go on!Collapse )

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A few friends and I are thinking about starting a tribal community. We live in Seattle now, but were really interested in moving to the forrest on the coast of BC.

Anyone interested in working with us?
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I'm starting a new trucking LJ.

Look me up...


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So heres the deal.

I am becoming a trucker. I am moving all of my stuff into a storage unit in Lynwood and i'm gonna be homeless again... kinda. I'll have a mobile home... kinda... well, I'll have a bed in my truck.

I will be in LA for 3 weeks, then I get my truck. After I get my truck i'll be on the road for 2 weeks at a time. I'll be back in Seattle on my off time... so i'll be around. If y'all want to give me a couch to stay on when I'm back... i'll be in town. If I cant find a place, I'll still be around... just in Marysville.

I dont know how long i'll be doing this, but I'm thinking about quitting in the fall. The money is good, and I'll be able to pay off all my debt and save a bunch. It's just not what I want to do as my life's work.

I feel like a migrant worker. I'm leaving my home to make some money to pay my bills. I just need to work hard for a few months and then I'll figure out where I'm heading.
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